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    • Starter Model Guide Vol. 2

      Dreams don’t work unless you do. So many people believe in the fallacy of being “Discovered”. Most aspiring models think that in order to be successful you have to be “Discovered” but that only gets you caught in a vicious cycle of dead ends and traps. Learn how gatekeepers deter you from achieving your dream career by upholding the vail of being discovered. Take charge of your career right now. In this ebook, you will learn:


      • What Are The 7 Hidden Traps that gatekeepers tell you to discourage you from your dreams, make you feel not good enough, spend money, and put yourself in harm's way. 
      • Who Are The Gatekeepers and What Do They Want From You?
      • How to avoid and handle each gatekeeper traps
      • How to deal with rejection and failure 
      • How you can begin to create the modeling career of your dreams

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