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    • Model Confidence Course

      Learn how to stay confident during your castings/ photoshoots and shows. Let’s make you excited instead of nervous..

      I have a question for you… who are you? Did you sigh? Did you shake your head? Did you maybe say to yourself, “I don’t know”? That’s all about to change. As a Model with a degree in Psychology, I learned the ultimate key to succeeding in the modeling business.

      But first, I’ll tell you what it ISN’T:

      It’s NOT unbelievable good looks
      It’s NOT height
      It’s NOT how slim you are
      It’s NOT bone structure
      It’s NOT symmetry
      It’s NOT any other superficial thing people come up with.

      Which, seems surprising in what is labeled as a superficial industry, but, it’s important to remember that modeling is ART. Which means, the key to succeeding is overwhelming, undeniable CONFIDENCE.

      That’s it! BUT, how do you discover your own self-confidence?
      I’ll show you… because I’ve done it.

    • What's Included in the Model Confidence Course

      What Is Confidence?

      Before you want to increase confidence, you have to know what is confidence. We all know it, but it’s hard to explain.

      How To Increase Your Confidence

      How to increase your confidence. Which tools can easily help with not feeling nervous at a show or casting but feeling excited!

      How to Control Your Mindset

      It’s all in the mind! If you can set your mind to it, you can do everything. Learn how to get in that right mindset.

      How to Improve Your Self Discipline

      As a model you need self-discipline! Self-discipline to deal with rejections, self-discipline to stay in shape. Self-discipline to become the best you there is.

      How to Set and Meet Your Goals

      To grow you need to set certain goals. And the second question is, how to accomplish your goals. Learn how to stay focused and accomplish your goal.

      How to Have Self Respect

      You need to believe in yourself, how will someone else believes in you. Learn how to respect yourself.

      How to Sustain Your Motivation

      Number 1 reason of success is how motivated you are. It’s hard to stay motivated after a rejection. Learn how to stay motivated.


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