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    • Instagram Model Course

      Instagram is the number 1 for models to market themselves and build relationships.

      Social media gets more and more important in the model industry, in particularly instagram. More and more agencies are on instagram scrolling threw, scouting new faces, searching for the next super model! You can see it as your free portfolio.

      It’s also a great platform to get jobs, find castings. Now you even go to castings and they are asking how many followers you have. You absolutely don’t want to miss the chance to not get the job, so let’s make your instagram modelproof!

    • What's Included in the Instagram Model Course

      Setting up and Optimizing Your Model Profile

      Learn how to make your profile model proof. What do you have to say in your bio and do you have to post everyday, and what time is best? Don’t miss the chance of being scouted.

      Creating and Curating Content for Your Feed

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      Growing Your Audience

      Learn how to get more followers and keep your followers. Content that can help you to get more like, shares and engagement.

      Monetizing Your Account

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      How to find jobs on instagram and getting the job! How to earn money with your instagram account.

      Instagram Resources

      What hashtags can you use to get scouted. What apps can help you make it easier to use instagram.

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