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    • Runway Walk Course

      Learn how to walk confidently on the runway. You only have one first impression make it count.


      A first show, starts with a great walk! A great walk can get you into a great fashion show. When going into a casting the first thing you will do is show your walk, and sometimes it can take 20 sec.

      In those 20 sec they will decide YES or NO. Make it a YES. Make sure you STAND OUT, and impress them with a CONFIDENT walk!


      * How to Walk Confident on the runway

      * How to Perfect your Posture

      * How to make great portfolio pictures

      * How to pose on the runway

      * How to control your facial Expressions

      * How to make a great first impression at castings

    • What's Included in the Runway Walk Course


      Your first impression is most important, so make sure your show a great posture.

      Walking Styles

      Learn how to walk strong on the runway, without feeling nervous.

      Facial Expressions

      Learn how to control your facial expressions.


      Learn how to pose on the runway, present yourself you normally only have one chance. Make it count.

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