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    • Starter Model Course

      Learn how to start, where to start and how to stay busy as a model!

      You always want to model but don’t know where to start? It can seem very overwhelming and you want to do it right! Start right here!

      You want to learn everything about modeling at YOUR TIME and YOUR PLACE? That’s possible with the Online Model Courses.

      So before your castings, you can prepare yourself by watching the videos and know exactly what to do! Increase your chances to get booked and know how to walk the runway, feel confident, and how to use Instagram to get discovered as a model.


      A lot of the time I will get a question, Where do I start with modeling? or How do I get into the industry?

      Well.. how great would it be to have one place where you have an answer to all these questions? With the Model Starters Kit you know everything of the model industry there is to know before coming into your castings. You will be ready for every question agencies could ask.

      Why wait, start now!

    • What's Included in the Starter Model Course

      What Type Of Model Are You?

      It’s all about the right agency for you, the right fit, what type of model are you and what is the best place for you to start.

      Requirements for Different Types of Models

      What are the requirements that agencies are looking for.

      How To Build Your First Portfolio

      Learn how to build up your portfolio, how does your portfolio look like.

      Expenses of Starting a Modeling Career

      In the beginning of your career there might be some cost. Learn what these cost might be.

      Preparing For Your First Photoshoot

      What can you expect at your first photoshoot what can you do to prepare?

      Sustaining Your Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

      Eventually it’s all about confidence, learn how to grow your confidence level.

      Staying Physically Strong and Healthy

      As a model you need to be strong and healthy

      Making Money As A Model

      Learn what earnings you can make as a model.

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